Since day one, we've understood the importance of storytelling through marketing and communications. Now we're at the forefront of association and credit union marketing, crafting stories that build and engage audiences on every level.

Exterior ShotOur story begins in 1996, when Studio136 was a two-person department of the Association Development Group called ADG Communications and Design. As the marketing and communications needs of our clients demanded more web-based creativity and strategy, ADG Communications and Design grew. From print and increasingly complex websites to video work and social media engagement, our team expanded. Even before these multifaceted tools existed, we were already talking about the importance of brand identity and leveraging media to motivate members, volunteers, customers and stakeholders and to reach untapped external audiences to add value.

In May of 2011, ADG Communications and Design, along with our parent company, the Association Development Group, moved to our current location at 136 Everett Road. With a larger office and expanding opportunities, we were inspired to take our own identity to the next level, and changed our name to Studio136.

In recent years, we've leveraged our experience with professional trade associations and nonprofits to partner with small businesses. Often with limited budgets and not enough time to tell their story, small businesses are a unique segment that needs quality marketing and communications work, and there is no firm better qualified to help them achieve their goals than Studio136.

Whether we're contracted as a dedicated communications arm or working on a project basis, Studio136 provides the same level of work as seen in larger agencies – but at a cost within reach of smaller budgets. No matter the client, no matter the budget, Studio136 is dedicated to communication, creativity and design with purpose.